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Accra is much more than the Capital of fashion, design and business. Now the cosmopolitan Accra is, for many travelers from all around the world, the gateway to Africa at its best: an unparalleled blend of inspiring art and architecture, One of the oldest to contemporary, cool hang-outs and good life, invigorated by one of the world’s local finest food Joints.


We are here to make you have ease moving around Accra just on 2 Wheels with just some few steps



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Our Bike Share & City tour idea was born in 2019 to reveal by bicycle the unknown architectural beauty, artistic richness and cultural appeal of the city of Accra, as well as its greener façade, it runs during the day and at night treating people to an exceptional neon lights night tours. It is not imaginable now how at that time, before, Accra was considered a bit more Monotonous and undistinguishable in its form of tourism than just a layover to get a place to stay and go about your work or merely a fashionable shopping spot and a business must-be place, We are now the first and original Bike Tour of Ghana, We are proud and happy to offer, every year to thousands of people from all around the world, an authentic experience of Accra and to continue contributing in making Ghana known for much more than clichés and status quos. 

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Theia Coffee House, Accra, Ghana. 2020



One of my first ever Impact Stories was based on this incredible young man I had met while working as Africa Communications Assistant for Impact Hub


One of my first ever Impact Stories was based on this incredible young man I had met while working as Africa Communications Assistant for Impact Hub. My time in Accra, despite the almost-unbearable heat, was quite incredible. From the vibrant culture and delicious fruit to the people themselves, I was mesmerized. That was the first time I was in a place where so many youths were building innovative business models to fix social problems. Visit Impact Hub Accra at least once and tell me if you will not be left in awe. Mark Boadi is a serial social entrepreneur of sorts. His first pet project, Team Governors International, has raised awareness of alternative energy and uses of plastic in communities around Accra. Today, he is introducing and raising awareness regarding clean alternative forms of transport that will help Ghana protect the environment and improve the transport system tremendously: Bike-sharing.

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Independence Arch

Ghana Made Figurines
GHC 55.00

Ghana Landmarks Figurines on sale at the bicycle cafe. Goldcoast Miniature

Jamestown Cap

Fancy Historic Jamestown Cap
GHC 90.00
Made in Ghana cap from Hamattan collection

Ghana Postcards

All travel withing Ghana postcards
GHC 15.00

From all the regions of Ghana you can grab a souvenir from each region after a tour at our cafe. By Hamattan Collection